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it's been an entire year of unfinished stories and unwritten prompts, but I will do better in 2013.

written for hd_hols2012, and reposted now that the reveals are over.

the sky was made for us tonight (part one)
Harry Potter: Harry/Draco
PG-13, ~11370 words
In which Draco moves into his own place, but his neighbour - and the people he meets - are not quite what he expects.
warning(s): unintentional deception, angst, EWE, wallowing, and pining.
a/n: written for astridfire, for hd_holidays 2012. originally posted here. thank you so much to meiface for all of her support and ideas and handholding. ♥

part one.Collapse )
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the sky was made for us tonight (part two)
please see part one for summary, a/n, etc.

part two.Collapse )